4 trends all organizations must consider in 2017

1. It’s all about the employee experience
According to a Workplace Trends survey, 60 percent of job seekers have had a bad candidate experience and more than 70 percent relayed this information on Glassdoor.com (or a site like it). This kind of negative feedback deters other candidates from applying and can also dissuade potential customers.


But talking about engagement isn’t something new for any of us. However, over the course of 2017, consider how the employee experience affects the business with the same type of urgency that you do with customers. From the physical office space, involvement in the community, and learning and development to People (HR) programs and benefits, every aspect of the organization needs to be optimized to cultivate a happier and more engaged workforce.

I am not surprised by the fact that 60% of job seekers have reported unsatisfied candidates experiences. You can find the survey here.

Read these 4 trends to follow to make a great kick-off for the year 2017 and MAKE RECRUITMENT GREAT AGAIN.

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Applicant Tracking System – a helping hand to recruiter but a stab to job-seeker?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? 

ATS is no longer an unfamiliar term to HR professionals. ATS is of the essence to assist recruiters in managing applicants’ database and for a better job-match. Basically, ATS’ functions are somehow overlapping with other HRIS (Human Resources IT System), such as saving and managing resumes, applicants info and so on. However, one of the most crucial function of ATS which is mentioned as a mass job-matching to best seek the potential applicants.

How does ATS working? 

Regularly, ATS use keywords to track and match an applicant’s resume and it can quickly tells whether that applicant is a fit to their organization or not. Every thing is done automatically and quickly, saving recruiters’ a bunch of time and money; except for its vague mechanism.  The keywords from an applicant’s resume are extracted then put in comparison with keywords drawn from the job description and for example, if your resume’ keywords are not matching at least 80% of those from the job description, you are out! As the keywords are extracted and generated from applicants’ resumes automatically by the software/apps, it leads to unwanted in-explicitness. Sometimes, the reason is that the software/app cannot understand or read the keywords, they will just skip it and decide that the applicant is lack of necessary skills. Or even just for no reason.

My experience

It is certain that each of ATS app/software has different level of operation and so do their accuracy. I used a site called www.jobscan.co and I suppose it has the same mechanism with some other ATS. Just copy your resume contents and the job description contents and paste into two boards, it will present how much your resume could be a match with the job. I found that the key words are generated exactly and time of processing is not up 10 second. However, there are some concerns that arose.

For example, the app keeps on informing me that I am lack of Microsoft Office Skill, while it is written in black and white on my resume that I own an advanced skill set of Microsoft Office. I later found out that the cause for this mistake is that I have written Microsoft office, instead of MS Office like what was presented in the job description.

A similar mistake is that the app decided I have no Officer skills, while I really have a heaps of those, under the name of Office Administrative skills. There were more than 4 several similar confusion.

Of course, my purpose is not to claim that this jobscan.co is a bad example of ATS, it actually helps me to adjust part of my resume. However, I believe there might be other ATS which would behave the same, and for these reasons, your resume is gonna be kicked out.

How to beat ATS?

Well, this is the question that it takes lot of time and technical skills to answer, but meanwhile, we could do something to light a hope of landing an interview.

  • Use different resume-analyzing site, for example, jobscan.co to understand the keywords concept. This jobscan allows you to scan your resume 5 times/month for free but you could treat your resume similarly manually by scanning keywords from the job description and adjust your resume’ keywords in a way that they look really close to those of the description.
  • Be more alert with job vacancies which require you to fill in information on their sites, or copy your resume as plain text and paste. There is a high likeliness that they are using an ATS instead of reading your resumes with your own eyes.
  • Some even use more direct way such as taking a very active role to contact recruiters rather than passively scanned by an ATS. Much impressed by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vDKNIY185A

3 tips for excellent communication with candidates

As a job-seeker, I do get mad sometimes at the companies who has held back my application for years. There are some minor tips that recruiters really should take into accounts in order to take their employer brand to the next levels.

Image result for applicants

Confirmation emails upon application receipt

It only takes you only some seconds to send a confirmation to the applicants that you have received his/her application. This will tranquilize the applicants that their applications have reach desired destinations, rather than ending up at no-where.  Later on, this would save time as well , when you would not receive several calls per day from the applicant, asking whether you have received their CVs or not. If possible, state estimated time that applicants would hear back from you.

Inform, when someone is not selected

This is a very common mistake and recruiters may not know how irritating it is to wait endlessly for a job that you’d never get. Please, do a favor: reply to applicants to tell them that are not chosen, even it is not a nice thing to say. And please, do that in a approriate period of time. Do not keep the application for months. Some recruiters may defense that there are a huge amount of applications to deal with, and they do not have time to reply one-by-one. Then, contact your IT supporters. 6 years ago when I was working in a head-hunter, I have started to use bulk email service, where you are capable to send thousands emails in a click.

Some other recruiters may say when deadline is approaching near while they have not found the right person, thus cannot yet close the vacancy and cannot send rejection email by then. Admittedly, 90% you would never choose the person once you overpass him/her from the very beginning. So, inform them, maybe after 2 weeks, that they are not a suitable person you are looking for right now. Then, they can move on. Silent game is not working in this situation.

Detach your job description from job sites when the vacancy is fulfilled

Do not let them stay there forever. Even though the job site usually has an option for you when to hide your job ad after a defined expiry date, some recruiters are not looking at this function at all. When an applicant see an available job ads, he/she will feel motivated and jump into action, creating a polished CV and cover letter, which later on will be rejected because the position has been filled! This creates an unprofessional image of the company and more seriously, you might have just lost an potential talent for your company. Receiving and replying application for a filled position is a waste of time as well. Build a good data of where you post your job ad and keep a close look at them. Once a position is filled, take off all relevant job ads out of job sites.

 If you have noticed, each of the above actions do not take you more than 5 minutes to complete and basically cost you almost nothing. Spending some more minutes just before lunch time on these will bring an exceptional outcome to your employer brand. Job-seekers would have a feeling that you respect their time and career path!