Good communication skill? Do you really mean it?

Reading hundred of CV per day, I have seen “Good communication skill” everywhere in the Skill part but do the candidates really mean it? 50% is a big NO.

What makes communication good?

1. Understandable: For this point, for sure you should be at least fluent in term of a speaking language. Of course you do not need to be native, but at least you know how to use proper words to express your thoughts. I have been talking with a lot of people, and they try to explain something again and again and likely end with the question “Do you understand what I mean?” Should they be clear and confident with the things they are talking about. As well you should try to pronounce accurately, of course different accents are not avoided, but try to be close to an international pronunciation. In most cases, listeners will get what you want to say, but it is very uncomfortable to hear Ju-lee instead of July.

2. Posture: please use  your postures to supplement your words, but don’t be over-acted or for girls, don’t be so postured. You should keep your attitude and posture in control. If you are happy, laugh. If you are sad, cry. Just do not be over excited for a pre-interview (screening part) to show you have a lot of energy. I was scared by those.

3.  Be polite:  this point seems so obvious but still, a lot of people do not how to act properly. Use COULD, SHOULD, MIGHT, WOULD with strange people or at least in an interview. Using expression to imply your feelings, such as “That would be great!”, “That’s awesome!” rather than saying OK really helps to boost the listener moods. For the same reason, say “I do not think it’s possible.” or “I am afraid that…” with a lower and sympathetic tone rather than “NO”.

4. Talk enough and involving people: it is not only about talking, it is about listening as well. When you are talking about something you love, PLEASEEEEE observe if your partner enjoys the topic enough. If he/she does not sound interested in, please change into something both of you would love to talk about. Keep your speech long enough. Do not be too short, like:

– Could you please tell me a bit about your study?

– I study economics.

– Yes, more specific please?

– International economics.

No, no, no.

Be communicative, give enough information. But do not to tell your whole life story and please, do not try to steal other people’s words like you have not been talked for 10 years. Especially when you are talking in a small group, try to involve people, let’s talk about a mutual thing, or at least something that all people would like to hear. I hate it, when my friends are sitting with me and talk about some f*king K-pop singers that I’ve never heard in my life. Or then do not talk in another language that other people do not understand if you are discussing something together. That’s rude.

5. Be open-minded and humble: you do not need to know everything on Earth, but learn how to use common sense in language and posture. I used to bring my food to my office and of course Asian food is strange to foreigners, one girl keeps preventing to vomit whenever she sees my food, and I consider it extremely rude, for whatever reason. It is a matter of culture difference, and you should be respect it, not offend it. I cannot eat cheese, because I am not used to, but I do not feel disgusting when people do. If you choose a positive approaching to differences, people will feel positive when they interact with you.

And finally, a good sense of humor would always be a plus!